Apple does not allow emulator apps on their App Store, So it was hard to play SEGA Saturn games on your iPhone,But Thanks to AltStore, You can install any app easily. This article describes how to install Yaba Sanshiro to your phone with AltStore and play SEGA Saturn games on your iPhone or iPad.

What you need

  • iPhone 8 or above
  • Mac or PC
  • SEGA Saturn game CD-ROM
  • CD Drive connected to your Mac or PC


1) Download the YabaSanshiro IPA(iOS Application Archive) file from here. If you are a patron of YabaSanshiro you can download the latest test version of IPA from here.

2) Install AltStore

3) Install YabaSanshiro IPA via AltStore.

4) Dump CD-ROM Image from your own SEGA Saturn game CD-ROM. If you use a PC, you can use our dumping tool. If you use Mac, follow these steps.

  • Install the CD-ROM dump tool. AnyToISO Converter is recommended.
  • Dump your CD-ROM. cue format is recommended.
  • Install brew.
  • Install chdman with this command. brew install rom-tools

  • convert CD-ROM image to CHD file with this command. [game file name] is the name you named for the CD-ROM image.

    chdman createcd -i [game file name].cue -o [game file name].chd

5) Move the CHD file to where your iPhone can access it. I think the iCloud drive is the easiest.

6) Run YabaSanshiro on your iPhone.

7) Tap + button. And select your CHD file

8) Tap the chd file you added. Then the game will start


By pressing the menu button. you can show the menu screen.


Exit to the home screen

Save State

Save the current state.

Load State

Load the state saved previously

Show Remap Controls( If you connect the gamepad )

tap the button you want to assign, Then press the gamepad button

Adjuest Controller

Adjust the size of the on-screen controller



Select which type of bios rom you use. build-in BIOS is the default. This BIOS emulates the minimum necessary functions. To choose another BIOS, place a bios ROM file as the file name 'bios.bin' via iTunes.


Select which type of Cartridge is installed on your emulated SEGA Saturn. Backup RAM is an external backup ram to save game data. RAM is an external ram for the same games which use huge ram like King of Fighters.


Show or Hide ‘Frame per second’ which means the speed of emulation on your device. ‘60/60’ is the best performance and equal to the real SEGA Saturn speed.


When FPS is less than 60, uoYabause skip a frame to reach 60 fps. if this option is enabled, YabaSanshio may lose frames, Furthermore may be broken internal SEGA Saturn emulation. ‘Off’ is recommended for accurate emulation.


Automatically switch to Landscape mode when emulation is started.


The screen is rendered rotating 90 degrees for some vertical scroll games like 'RayForce'


If this option is disabled, uoYabause draw to the entire screen. Otherwise, YabaSanshiro keeps a good old 4:3 screen size.


  • Native ... Native resolution of your ios device.
  • 4x
  • 2x
  • Original ... Original SEGA Saturn resolution.

Sound Engine

You can choose 'Hight quality but heavy or 'Low quality but light'


YabaSanshiro has an on-screen gamepad. But you can also use MFI game controllers which are officially supported by Apple.