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I was impressed that the retroid pocket 3+ runs Yabasanshiro at full speed. But I also noticed some features like tessellation do not work, so I tried to implement them for this device. But these issues happened inside of the OpenGL ES driver and seemed hard to fix by me. So I try them on my Vulkan code. Then it's easily fixed. I found that I am in a new era. OpenGL ES is sunsetting. GPU maker will not support OpenGL ES drivers anymore. VDP(SEGA Saturn Video processer) emulation with...

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Handheld game devices are around the world! In 2022 there are so many of them were born. AyaNeo, Onex Player, Steam Deck, Ayn Odin, RetoroPocket 3+. These devices have good enough Soc to emulate SEGA Saturn games, and the build quality is high. My dream, 'SEGA Saturn anywhere,' comes true.

No, No, No. It's not true. There are many things I have to do.

More accuracy

Accuracy is the most important. I am impressed that RPCS3(PlayStation3 emulator) boots all games. I have never tried...

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I added improvements suggested by user feedback.

you can download from yabasanshiro-HH-1.9.5-b8f791.msi.

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I obtained AYANEO NEXT and test YabaSanshiro and fix bugs. Now it's playable. You can get the Yabasanshiro handheld version here.

Let me know your thought. If many people like this, I want to sunset QT version.

it works like this.

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Ayn Loki, Aya Neo, Win600, ONEXPLAYER.2022 is the year of handheld windows PC.It's exciting that play PC games anywhere.But YabaSanshiro for windows is built using the old QT library, and you need a mouse and keybord to use YabaSanshiro. It's not easy to play games on Windows version of Yabasanshiro.

I port the Linux version that can be control by a game pad only to Windows. It makes easy to play games on handheld devices,you can focus playing game.

You can download the test version...

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