Devices equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset, including models like the Galaxy S24 and Redmagic 9 Pro, are experiencing crashes when initiating games. It appears that the root cause of these issues may be linked to a bug within the SPIR-V compiler specific to these devices. I have reported this issue to Qualcomm via their developer forum, but have yet to receive a response.


In the meantime, as a workaround,...

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I have heard complaints from many people about the on-screen D-PAD of YabaSanshiro. Indeed, it's terrible. There's no way this flat panel can beat a device designed to be physically easy for humans to operate. However, it's worth the effort to get as close as possible. I have considered why the on-screen D-PAD is terrible, based on the differences with the real Sega Saturn's D-Pad.

1. With a physical D-Pad, the user is not looking at the device, but feeling it.

On a...

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I'm developing and testing a new "Auto backup sync" feature.

The key concepts are

Game save data is uploaded to the cloud automatically

Yaba Sansiro already has a memory management feature. But it needs tedious manual operations. It simplifies your game life if save data is saved whenever you finish a game.

Game save data can be restored even if you uninstalled the app

Your data is your won. But since the odd Android 11 feature called scoped storage makes your data lost when you...

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I was impressed that the retroid pocket 3+ runs Yabasanshiro at full speed. But I also noticed some features like tessellation do not work, so I tried to implement them for this device. But these issues happened inside of the OpenGL ES driver and seemed hard to fix by me. So I try them on my Vulkan code. Then it's easily fixed. I found that I am in a new era. OpenGL ES is sunsetting. GPU maker will not support OpenGL ES drivers anymore. VDP(SEGA Saturn Video processer) emulation with...

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Handheld game devices are around the world! In 2022 there are so many of them were born. AyaNeo, Onex Player, Steam Deck, Ayn Odin, RetoroPocket 3+. These devices have good enough Soc to emulate SEGA Saturn games, and the build quality is high. My dream, 'SEGA Saturn anywhere,' comes true.

No, No, No. It's not true. There are many things I have to do.

More accuracy

Accuracy is the most important. I am impressed that RPCS3(PlayStation3 emulator) boots all games. I have never tried...

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