Handheld game devices are around the world! In 2022 there are so many of them were born. AyaNeo, Onex Player, Steam Deck, Ayn Odin, RetoroPocket 3+. These devices have good enough Soc to emulate SEGA Saturn games, and the build quality is high. My dream, 'SEGA Saturn anywhere,' comes true.

No, No, No. It's not true. There are many things I have to do.

More accuracy

Accuracy is the most important. I am impressed that RPCS3(PlayStation3 emulator) boots all games. I have never tried it for SEGA Saturn games. I want to try it in this year.

Optimize for Mali devices

Most of affordable handheld game devices use Mali, not Snapdragon. I have never tried to optimize for Mali seriously. I want to try it to increase the number of users who enjoy SEGA Saturn games.

Optimize for Handheld devices.

I developed YabaSanshiro-HandHeld last year. I received many feedbacks from users. Most of them complain about the lack of settings. My basic policy of the handheld version of YabaSanshiro is "less is more." so I do not intend to implement all functions of the windows version. But the features below are mandatory.

  • Cover art for game selection window
  • Action replay code.

Cloud integration

I love functions using cloud technology that I have implemented for the Android version. State save, back up data copy, Action replay code sharing. I want to deliver these functions for the handheld version. And add more features for the Android version. If you have an idea for cloud function, let me know!

2023 will be a fun year for me. And I hope so for you all, SEGA Saturn fans!

posted by: devMiyax